Member Workshop: Reflective Yarn

Member Workshop: Reflective Yarn Member Workshop: Reflective Yarn

Wednesday 18 October 2017 10:30am - 12:00pm

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Our Maker in Residence, Lorna Hamilton-Brown, will be leading this workshop, which uses reflective yarn and finger knitting to illustrate the processes used by knitting machines. The techniques are quick to master even for total beginners, but pave the way for understanding more sophisticated knitting techniques used by professional makers.

Retro-reflective threads and yarns are also part of the Materials Library’s collection, as developments in these materials combine aesthetics and technical capabilities to meet a wide variety of industry applications, including fashion, sportswear and safety gear.

Members can also drop in throughout the week to see how Lorna is getting on, and non-members who are students or staff at UCL can come by during our Lunchtime Looks every day of the residency from 12.30-2pm.

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