Making Circle: Arduino & Knitting

Making Circle: Arduino & Knitting Making Circle: Arduino & Knitting Making Circle: Arduino & Knitting

Tuesday 03 March 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Drop in on the day - join in anytime between 1-2pm

Bring your project our new Making Circle - fun social opportunity to problem-solve in a group of enthusiasts while working away at a longer-term personal project during your lunch break. If you have been wanting to make more use of your Makespace access but find it difficult to attend our Masterclasses and don't know where to start in the Makespace generally, this is the session for you!

We will rotate the focus of the Making Circle every three months, and we will always run two making processes side-by-side, usually one digital and one non-digital, so that two different groups of makers have the chance to interact and learn from the similarities and the differences in their methods. From January to March this will be knitting and arduino. 

Key info

- Bring your own knitting project or arduino project along to join the circle. We will be sharing skills and ideas but we don't have materials to share with members (or storage space to keep projects on-site).  

- Don't bring food into the Makespace, as it is not foodsafe. You are very welcome to bring hot drinks in reusable cups with lids.

- The sessions are for all abilities from complete beginners with a passion to seasoned pros. They will run every second Tuesday and if members would like to meet more frequently they can arrange this among themselves

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