Exploring Curious Materials

Exploring Curious Materials

Monday 07 December 2015 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Booking required

Institute of Making
Malet Place

Booking opens 27/11/15 at 1pm

Are you a designer, architect, engineer or maker looking for new materials to incorporate into your work? Are you interested in getting hands-on with conductive and thermochromic inks, low-melt and impact protection polymers and shape-memory metals?

This afternoon event, organized in collaboration with Brunel’s Human Centred Design Institute, offers a chance to experiment and prototype with a range of unusual but commercially available materials. There will also be a chance to learn more about the material at the heart of the Light.Touch.Matters research project, which is currently being developed in labs in the Netherlands, and that responds to touch with luminescence. Learn more about the behavior, potential and limitations of these materials and explore how they might inform your design practice.

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