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How to access this tool

Drop-in use

Drop into the workshop during our opening hours to use this tool, but ask a technician if you need any training first.

Key information

Yellow tools require further training. Training will be available either in the form of a bookable tool training session, or by dropping into the space and making an arrangement with a technician.

A track saw is a power tool used for precision cutting in woodworking and carpentry. It is a circular saw blade mounted on a guide rail or track, allowing straight and accurate cuts. The blade height can be adjusted to make shallow or deep cuts in wood.

What can I use this tool for?

Track saws are excellent for making straight cuts in unusually-shaped or large work pieces that are difficult to achieve on mounted machines.

Materials used with this tool

  • Wood - No Greenwood

What training do I need to use this tool?

The induction for the track saw is by arrangement with a technician.

If you would like to use the track saw, come to the workshop during opening hours and work out a time to be inducted with one of the technical staff.

Technical specifications

Specification Details
Saw Blade Diameter 160 mm
Cutting Depth 0 - 55 mm
Cutting Depth at 45° 43 mm
Angular Range 1 - 47°