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Mini Thicknesser/Planers

How to access this tool

Drop-in use

Drop into the workshop during our opening hours to use this tool, but ask a technician if you need any training first.

Key information

Yellow tools require further training. Training will be available either in the form of a bookable tool training session, or by dropping into the space and making an arrangement with a technician.

A thicknesser (or planer), is a woodworking machine used to trim timber to an even profile across its entire length.

It consists of three elements: a cutter head which contains the cutting blades, a set of rollers which draw the material through the machine and a table which is adjustable relative to the cutter head to control the resultant thickness of the wood.

Please note

It is important that the bottom side of the wood fed into the machine is flat, as the cutting edge will cut relative to its profile.

What can I use this tool for?

Trimming smaller wooden lengths to a given thickness, particularly projects that are too small to be fed through the larger machines.

Materials used with this tool

  • Wood - No Greenwood

What training do I need to use this tool?

The induction for this mini tool is by arrangement with a technician.

If you would like to use the mini planer/thicknesser, come to the workshop during opening hours and work out a time to be inducted with one of the technical staff.

Technical specifications

Specification Details
Maximum Workpiece Width 80 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 40 mm
Feed Rate 4.8 m/min
Table Length 232 mm