- My card does not work on the door

If you've been inducted and it's still not working on the side door (members door), or if you have been issued a new card, or changed your position at UCL get in touch and we'll enable it for you. If you have graduated from or left UCL, unfortunately this is the end of your access.

- Who can join?

All current UCL students and staff. We aren't able to accommodate Alumni or non UCL members, but check our events page for regular puiblic open days, Materials Library discovery sessions, research events and masterclasses which are open to everyone. If you're not at UCL, or have graduated or left, head to www.openworkshopnetwork.com to find an open access making space near you.

- How much does it cost?

It's free! But you need to bring your own materials.

- How do I join?

After signing up on our Members page with your UCL email address, UK phone number and UPI code (on the front of your ID card), you’ll gain access to the online members area and can book your New Members Induction, which are held at the beginning of every term.

After attending and meeting the team, your UCL ID card will be enabled on the door system, and you can use the space during opening hours. You’ll then be able to book training on specific machines and tools, masterclasses and special member events. 

If you do not have a UK phone number, contact us

- When are you open?

We are closed over UCL holidays, and at the beginning of terms while we induct new members. We are also closed for two weeks at the beginning of September for end of year maintenance. The rest of the time, we are open for drop-in making during the times below:

Mon:    Closed
Tues:   10 - 5.30pm
Weds:  1 - 7.30pm
Thur:    10 - 5.30pm
Fri:       10 - 5.30pm

Check news announcements on the member dashboard (when you log in) for any unexpected opening hours 

- Can I talk to you about this material /my project?

Yes - as soon as you've completed your New Member Induction, you can drop in any time during our opening hours and chat to our staff. If it's really busy we might make an appointment with you to discuss properly.

- What equipment/software have you got?

Check out our Tools page or drop in and have a look around.

- Using tools and equipment

The best thing to do is to discuss your ideas with our team once you’re inducted, and we can advise you on how to access the tools and skills you need.

  • Hand tools, and any machines with a green dot, can be used right after your new members induction. Don't feel shy about asking for guidance, we are here to help - no previous knowledge required.
  • 3D printers and laser cutters requre induction even if you've used one before. These happen every week, and we make them bookable month by month. If you can't see any available on our bookings page, wait til next month or join a waiting list. You can book the laser cutter online once inducted, but not the 3D printers which are negotiated on the day.
  • Certain tools, like potters wheel and sewing machine don't require induction if you've used them before but you might want some guidance or a refresher. These are also bookable online at the end of every month. You can then book these tools online.
  • All other tools are usable by one-on-one induction with a technician. drop in and ask about getting inducted on the lathe, CNC milling machine, acrylic bender, 3D scanners etc.

- Can I bring in my own tools?

Yes – if it’s electrical we'll check it over to make sure it's in full working order, and if it’s specialist or ancient we’ll be really interested in having a look – we love tools!

- Can I buy materials from you?

No - but we have a great supplier list, and there are lots of of great material resources within easy walking distance from UCL - ask our technicians for details. We supply clay and 3D printer filament within reason.

- How much do 3D Print materials cost?

If your print is over 100g the price is 50p per 10 grams (prints smaller than this remain free). 

To calculate the price of your print please use this spreadsheet. When you load your model into Cura the software will estimate the amount of material required. Enter this value (either as a length or weight) in either of the green cells (weight or length cells): 

Once you have worked out the cost please log onto: instituteofmaking.org.uk/shop and pay the amount specified on the spreadsheet using a bankcard. 

- What about screws and glues and nails?

We’ve got the basic kit for you to use, as long as you're not planning to make a full scale replica of The Eiffel Tower out of our 2" nails, in which case buy your own. We can give you advice on specialist fixings and where to get them locally.

- Can I store my project/tools here?

We don't have project storage - you will need to take your project away at the end of te day - unless it's massive, guing, drying etc. If this case the technician will issue you with a label to stick on your work for temporary 'right to remain', so we don't throw it away by accident.

- Can I rent /book the space?

The Institute of Making workshop is not bookable for teaching, however if you're already a member and you'd like to lead a teaching session with the Materials Library Collection, or if you have great idea for a masterclass you’d like to put to our events committee, contact us.

- Who do I ask for help in the workshop?

Our lovely technicial staff who are all wearing red t-shirts or jumpers will be able to advise on materials and making, and will help you get started on your project. Come and introduce yourself.

- I have a disability - will i be able to access the workshop?

Yes, get in touch for an informal chat with Ellie our workshop manager to discuss how we can best make it work for you via members@instituteofmaking.org.uk

- I don’t know anything about making - can you help me?

Absolutely that's what we're here for! You don't need any experience, we can work with you to learn as much as you like.

- I was a member last year - do i need to re-register or get re-inducted?

No, you can come in as normal until you graduate or leave UCL. If you've been inducted on any of the tools you won't need to re-do it either. You need a refresher on any of the machines however, don't hesitate to ask!