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Repair Cafe: Electronics Repair

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Bring in your broken phone, laptop or household appliance for a one-to-one consultations with the expert repair technicians from The Restart Project.

Book a slot to attempt a repair of any small electrical items and electronics you have at home - laptops, headphones, portable radios, lamps, kettles, toasters, printers and more! At the event you will learn how to find faults, take apart and safely repair your own broken device with support from the Restart Project's experienced coaches. With a bit of help from the experts, you will become empowered to fix your own device, while learning the basics of repair and the importance of the Right to Repair. Come ready to learn!

To take part in the session you will need to bring:

1. A small electronic or electrical product in need of repair. Back up any data beforehand!
2. The product's power supply and any accessory or replacement part which might be linked to the problem.

The Restart Project is a London-based charity fixing our relationship with electronics. By encouraging people to use their electronics longer and collecting and sharing data from community repair initiatives globally on barriers to repair, Restart pushes for legislation for the Right to repair in the UK and across Europe. The Restart Project is a founding member of the European Right to Repair Campaign, a coalition pushing for legislation requiring manufacturers of all electrical and electronic products to design for repairability, while providing access to all independent repairers and the general public to repair manuals, affordable spare parts and long-term software and security updates.

Repair Cafe at Institute of Making, 17th February from 10am-4pm

Besides the above activity, we are hosting a range of drop-in repair activities for the UCL community. You can also drop into:


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Event location

Institute of Making Bloomsbury
University College London
Malet Place
More details about Bloomsbury

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We look forward to seeing you soon!