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Public Open Day: DELIGHT & DISGUST

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We know instinctively what revolts and beguiles us, but our most base reactions are often passed over despite making rich grounds for exploration. Put your senses under the lens in our March Saturday Extravaganza, as the Institute of Making hosts a one-day, large-scale, drop-in and totally free festival to celebrate materials and making around the theme of the made world, sensory preference and emotion. We will be putting on a wealth of activities with plentiful stuff to both sicken and seduce your senses – can you dissect your reactions and analyse your sensitivities to material taboos and gratifications? 

The event will include activities based on the delightful and disgusting worlds of dental hygiene, moving geometries, deodorant making, mozzarella stretching, professional hugs and coprolite turd polishing. Our very own Research Fellow Sarah Wilkes will be curating an experiential 'Land of Sensory Delights' as part of her Material Anxieties work, exploring the many mind-boggling factors to consider in the material selection within healthcare. Professor Barry Smith from the Centre for the Study of the Senses explains what 'mouth feel' really means, and challenges your understanding of the multisensory nature of your own taste experience with large quantities of chocolate. Concrete maker Leigh Cameron is providing sublime cement formulations for people to mix their own bodily aggregate into. Artist Sally Hewett will be exhibiting her pieces and teaching on the spot nipple embroidery.

As always, the Institute of Making will be open to the public on the day, giving visitors the opportunity to have a glimpse of the Materials Library and its wondrous collection of stuff.


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Free, open to all, drop-in from 1pm, gates close at 5pm.


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The Makespace has wheelchair access to the Materials Library and downstairs workshop but not up to the mezzanine. We would like to make sure that everyone can use the Makespace, our events and our website as easily as possible so please let us know if you need any additional support or assistance while using our facilities. We are always interested in feedback to help us improve access to our facilities.


Pictures: Coprolite courtesy of Poozeum/Wikimedia Commons/CC 4.0, embroidered nipple courtesy of Sally Hewett.

Event location

Institute of Making Bloomsbury
University College London
Malet Place
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