Directions to Institute of Making Stratford

01 November 2023

Directions to Institute of Making Stratford

Below are detailed directions with pictures which will help you to navigate from Stratford underground station to our second Institute of Making space, in the UCL Marshgate Building.


Best address for google maps and city mapper

UCL Marshgate Building is so new that its post code does not show an accurate location in Google Maps or CityMapper. 

  • The best information to put in Google Maps is:   7 Sidings Street
  • The best information to put in CityMapper is:    Thornton St, E20


Directions to the Institute of Making in Marshgate Building, from Stratford Station

1) At Stratford tube and DLR station, head to the exit marked ‘Westfield’ or ‘Olympic Park’. 

People walking in a large station


2) At the station exit, you will see a large M&S shop on your left. In front of you are a lift and escalator, use these to travel up one level.

A group of people walking in front of a building lift


3) Once you’re on level 1, here is a long covered walkway called ‘The Street’ ahead of you, with the M&S on your left and an H&M on your right. Head through this walkway until you pass a Hugo Boss store on the right and get to a silver Churros van. 

People walking in a mall

A food truck in a city


4) At silver Churros van, turn left into an open air walk way, follow this and cross the road.

A food truck outside of a building

A group of people walking on a street

A group of people crossing a street


5) Once you’ve crossed the road, keep walking straight ahead. You will pass by the London Aquatic Centre on the left and the new Saddler’s Wells building on your right. Eventually you will get to a pedestrian bridge over a canal.

A group of people walking in a street

A bridge in a park


6) Once you’ve crossed the pedestrian bridge over the canal, turn left into a lane lined with trees. You will be heading in the direction of The Slide (AccelorMittal Orbit).

A person walking on a sidewalk with trees and balls from wires


7) After following the path for 3-5 minutes, you will pass by another bridge across the canal. You will now see the UCL Marshgate Building straight ahead on the right. 

A large building along a path


8) The main entrance to UCL Marshgate Building is on the path you are walking down already, past some long concrete benches. Go into the building, and you will see reception to the right.

A building with a glass entrance wall and the UCL logo


Getting to the right Institute of Making entrance inside Marshgate Building

- Members entrance (for members events and workshop access)

As you walk into the main entrance, you will notice a staircase to the first floor straight ahead of you. Take these stairs.

Marshgate Building lobby

Staircase in Marshgate Building lobby

(If you need stair-free access, there is a lift just beyond the stairs and next to the Institute of Making ceramics workshop windows. This lift only goes to the first floor.

Lift to first floor in Marshgate Building lobby


At the top of the stairs, just to the left, are brown double doors. Use your UCL card to go through the doors.

Marshgate Building first floor double doors


After passing through the brown double doors, the Institute of Making members entrance is straight ahead. Your card might not give you access to our members entrance yet. In this case, we will let you in manually or, if we are expecting you, there will be a poster on the door with a phone number to call to be let in.

Institute of Making members entrance in Marshgate Building


- Public entrance (for public events and open days)

As you walk into the main entrance, look across the lobby to the left hand side. You will see a series of large glass windows and a brown horizontal ‘Institute of Making’ sign. This is the Institute of Making public entrance.

Institute of Making public entrance in Marshgate Building