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Becca Liversidge

Communications Manager

About Becca

Our Communications Manager, Becca, is obsessed with all things people, making and mess. She can be found with her fingers in lots of pies on a daily basis; from pottery to painting, cooking to copywriting and prop making to plant propagating.

Previously working in the communications world for charities, she’s helped to create creative campaigns that put people first - working to change societal perceptions, Government laws and stigmas.

Becca’s also a big fan of the motto “will try anything once”, a keen believer that being a “jack of all trades, master of some” is the best way to live and thinks about the phrase “taking silliness seriously” at least 7 times a day. (And, fair warning, she will probably insert a cheesy motto, similar to the above, into everyday conversation – where appropriate, of course. Semi-apologies in advance.)