The MakeSpace is the workshop of the Institute of Making, offering an exciting range of tools and machinery for members to use. Membership is open to all students and staff of UCL. The space is available to non-members through our public programme, hosting masterclasses, workshops with guest experts, maker residencies and curated opportunities to make, break and repair everything from jewellery to robots.

The facility brings together equipment, expertise and perspectives of making from a wide range of disciplines, encouraging users to engage in the craft, design, technology, history, philosophy, art and engineering of making.

This is your chance to tinker, boil, bake, turn, mill, mend, spin, print, cut, cast, drill, sand, scrape and sculpt.

Materials and research bursaries will be available for special projects, for more information, see our Research page.

Become a Member

Annual membership of the Institute of Making for UCL Members includes:

  • An introduction to the Materials Library enabling open access research, inspiration and hands-on play.
  • Access to the MakeSpace to work on a project, meet future collaborators or just to tinker about with stuff.
  • Training and guidance in specialist skills, machines, tools, materials, processes and software.
  • The ability to book onto special members events and Masterclasses.
  • Opportunities to apply for Materials Bursaries for your project, or special funding for cross-disciplinary research.


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Member Profile: Daniel Black

Member Profile: Daniel Black

Daniel’s expertise is in watchmaking, and he got involved in a major making project supported by our Summer Studentship scheme: to advance understanding of the Antikithera mechanism – an ancient Greek astronomical calculating machine – through physical models. More


Member profile: Dafne Morgado

Member profile: Dafne Morgado

In the Makespace Dafne has been making force sensors and elongation/bending sensors, which attach to the replica human hands and finger joints she has been making as part of our Wearable Assistive Materials project. More


Glass and bees

Glass and bees

This week, glassblower and beekeeper John Cowley came over to advise on our lampworking masterclass setup. More