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The Institute of Making is a multidisciplinary research club for those interested in the made world: from makers of molecules to makers of buildings, synthetic skin to spacecraft, soup to diamonds, socks to cities. Membership of and day-to-day access to the Institute is available to all UCL staff and students. Learn more

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Member Masterclass: Introduction to Glass - Session 1

Member Masterclass: Introduction to Glass - Session 1

Mon 14 May 18 9:20am - 10:20am
Fully booked, waiting list active

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Self Healing Cities

Self Healing Cities

We are part of a pioneering five year EPSRC-funded project investigating the use of robotics to maintain and repair city infrastructure. More


Following copious requests for slime intel, we have written a blog detailing our Slime journey, sharing our recipe,……

15:23, Apr 20th

Institute of Making

If I were running things I’d give every citizen 20 years of free education tokens. Parents/Guardians would have the……

19:09, Apr 24th

Zoe Laughlin

#UKPlasticsPact is going to be a game changer for plastics in the UK - it involves everyone who manufactures, buys,……

14:47, Apr 26th

Mark Miodownik