Weathered Rain Gauge

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Weathered Rain Gauge
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This rain gauge nicely exhibits the effect that weathering has on materials. The rain gauge is made from poly(methyl methacrylate), more commonly known as Perspex. Over its many years of use on Downscourt farm in Kent, the spike at the bottom of the gauge was submerged in the ground, but the main body of the implement was exposed the elements. The effect of the weathering on the Perspex is obvious. The ground spike is still clear Perspex, and has remained intact. The rest of the material has become very brittle and begun to disintegrate, and is a distinct yellow colour. The main cause of this weathering is the exposure of the Perspex to sunlight, and specifically the high energy UV light which forms a significant part of the solar spectrum. The UV light has induced chemical changes in the poly(methyl methacrylate) degrading it into other carbon molecules than appear give it the yellow/brown colour.

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Henry Burch & Son, Downscourt Farm
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