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Teak is a rich golden-brown coloured wood obtained from the tree species Tectona grandis and it is one of the hardest and most resistant types of woods available. It is mainly used when durability and weather resistance are required, especially in the making of outdoor furniture or in the construction of boat decks. Teak is also very resistant to fire, acid and alkali. Being very rich in natural oils that form a protective barrier, it can withstand the harshest weather conditions, both very cold and hot. For this reason and for its abundance in the area, this wood is frequently used in places like India in the manufacturing of doors and window frames and also to make columns or beams in older types of constructions. Teak is also an ideal material for flooring and because of its strength and durability it is very resistant to wear and tear. Higher quality wood is obtained from older trees but it takes up to 40 years before the tree can be harvested and the draining process, which is required prior to its use, can take one or two years. For this reason, the high demand of teak wood has led to illegal poaching.

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