Swell Paper (Zytex 2) and Xychem Marker

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Swell Paper (Zytex 2) and Xychem Marker
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Swell touch paper is used in producing tactile graphics, images with raised surfaces, used in conveying non-textual information to the visually impaired.

Microcapsules of alcohol/ heat reactive chemicals are embedded into the surface of the swell paper. When heat is applied the paper, as its name suggests, will swell/ puff up. Black ink helps control the heating of the paper. Since black absorbs heat faster, the parts printed on with black will swell faster than other parts thus creating the tactile graphic. Black ink with a higher carbon content however, works better. For instance, the Zytex swell paper works best with the Zy Marker. Carbon pencils is also an option. 

The invention of swell paper has made creating graphics for the visually impaired much easier. Also, it is a much cheaper alternative as compared to thermoforming or braille embossers and the likes.

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