Super-Elastic Glasses Frames

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Super-Elastic Glasses Frames
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Produced in collaboration between architects Dissing+Weitling and Lindberg, a Danish eyewear manufacturer, these super-elastic ‘Air Titanium Rim’ glasses are made without the use of screws, rivets or soldering. The titanium wire that makes up the frame is incredibly thin, lightweight and strong, and is bent and twisted into the hinges, the bridge and the ear clips so that the optician fitting these glasses can tailor them to each client. Titanium is an attractive material for glasses being light and strong – it is also capable of being alloyed to display super-elasticity. The nose pads and silicone ear clips are made from medical silicone, which is a hypoallergenic material just like titanium. These materials are therefore well-suited to being used in this sort of prosthetic devices that come in close contact with the human body in order to improve its performance.

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Deformed | Hypo-allergenic | Medical | Metal | Rubber | Silicone | Super-elastic | Titanium | Wire

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