Silly Putty

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Silly Putty
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This fluorescent orange silicone-based polymer is a runny yet bouncy putty that you may have experienced as a child. It is categorised as a non-Newtonian fluid and exhibits an unusual mix of elastic and viscose properties, for when left to its own devices, it flows and puddles but hardens if a force is applied. For example, if the putty is rolled into a ball and left on a surface, within a few hours it will have flowed into a puddle shape. Alternatively, if you take the ball of putty and throw it onto the floor it will reveal its elastic properties and bounce whilst if you take the ball of putty and hit with a hammer the force will cause the putty to shatter.

Sample ID: 98


Liquid | Solid
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Bouncy | Elastic | Fluorescent | Non-Newtonian | Orange | Polymer | Putty | Shear-thickening | Silicone | Viscose | Viscose-elastic

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