Artificial Grass (Select LX)

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Artificial Grass (Select LX)
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This artificial grass was designed specifically for use by dogs: hence its name K9Grass. It is desgiend to be laid in indoor recreation areas for good to play and poo on. Made with a knitted, ‘flow-through’ backing means liquid waste is able to pass through it easily. In addition, it is washable. However, more interesting is the presence of an antimicrobial agent in the blades of this grass called AlphaSan®, which uses the antimicrobial properties of silver to keep odour at bay. As far back as 1200BC, when the Pheonicians used silver for storing water, this material has been used for its antimicrobial effects. During WW1, prior to the development of antibiotics, it was even used to prevent infection in the dress of wounds. In the case of K9Grass, the presence of silver ions (they must be in ion form in order to have antimicrobial effect) interferes with the reproduction of odour-causing bacteria. AlphaSan® can also be found in things like hospital apparel and kitchen countertops, while it is most suitable for application in plastics, fibres, foams and coating. One product in a line of dog-friendly artificial grass made by ForeverLawn, the Select LX grade is designed to look more realistic with the addition of ‘dead grass’ patches.

Sample ID: 945


Composite | Polymers
Green | Poo | Silver | Turf | Grass | Dog | Anti-microbial

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