Scopas Modelling Wax

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Scopas Modelling Wax
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This brown modelling wax smells a bit like plasticine and is similarly easily softened by the heat from your hands. Its malleability and low melting point mean that it is particularly useful for lost wax casting, where the artist produces a wax model which is subsequently surrounded by a mould material, usually made of silicone, latex or polyurethane. The wax is then melted in a kiln and the original model destroyed so that molten metal can be poured into its original place to produce the final cast. This wax looks black on initial inspection, but if you pull a little ball off and squash it between your fingers you’ll see that is has the texture and colour of the inside of a raisin.

Sample ID: 339


Donated by
Martin Conreen
Composite | Polymer
Impressionable | Sacrificial | Short-lived

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