Road Salt

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Road Salt
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Common salt is a white/transparent mineral composed of sodium chloride. It is mass produced by evaporating sea water, which is responsible for its salinity, and also by mining rock salt (halite). More than half of salt produced is used by cold countries to prevent roads from icing during the winter, as the watery solution resulting in the dissolution of sodium chloride in water has a lower melting point than pure water. This road salt also contains grit, to increase wheel road friction. Apart from its use in cooking, salt is also used in the manufacturing of paper, detergents and soaps; it is also the main industrial source of chlorine and sodium hydroxide. It can sometimes be used as a cheap desiccant, because of its hygroscopic properties. Some types of fire extinguishers also use salt, in particular on fires generated by combustible metal. Saturated aqueous solutions of salt (brine) are also used to preserve food; this is due to the fact that many micro-organisms cannot survive and replicate in an overly salty environment.

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