Live Edge Perspex

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Live Edge Perspex
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This material is described as ‘live-edged’ because the edges of the material glow under ambient light as if it has its own internal light source. It is also known as a ‘light-gathering’ acrylic because the live edge is a result of the extruded sheet gathering light from all over its surface, which is then refracted internally and emitted wherever it has been cut. In this case, the laser-cut edges glow, but you can also see some glow from a scratched area in the middle of the sample, and if you were to purposefully engrave the surface of this material, it would also glow. The polymer contains fluorescent dyes to accentuate this effect, so the light emitted gets stronger under UV light and weaker if you place it flat on the table and slowly cover the surface with your hand.

Sample ID: 70


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Angela Palmer
Fluorescent | Optical
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