Glass from Welding Mask

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Glass from Welding Mask
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This darkly transparent black glass face plate is pockmarked with burns from sparks and spitting red hot molten metal, a very visual reminder of the protection you need when arc welding metal. Arc welders work by setting up a strong electric current between the metal object and the metal welding rod, which is an electrode, or conductor. This current creates enough heat to melt together the object and the rod. All types of arc welders are terrifically hot, and therefore bright, at the point where the metal is being melted, emitting highly concentrated ultraviolet and infrared light. Looking at the light can permanently damage your eyes, causing burns to your retina known as arc eye, or flash burn, which is the same as snow blindness. Any skin exposed to the light will also get burnt. This glass needs to be far darker than the strongest sunglasses, meaning it’s almost impossible to see through the plate unless you’re looking into the light of the electric arc, so most welding masks of this type are handheld, or able to be raised so you can see what you are doing in between welds. More recent and expensive masks are more sophisticated, and often have special light-sensitive glass, which goes dark instantly on exposure to the harmful rays. The glass plate slots into the welding mask so it can be replaced if it’s broken or too badly scarred.

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