Glass Balls

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Glass Balls
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These little peppercorn sized transparent glass spheres are made from Soda-Lime glass, familiar to us as the glass used for drinking vessels, bottles and windows. It is reusable and recyclable. In science, glass has a much broader definition than this transparent substance, referring to any solid that has a non-crystalline, or amorphous internal structure. It is a myth that glass is always liquid/is always flowing; it only starts to become a liquid when heated at 550°C and is fully liquid at around 1000°C. Glass spheres are perhaps most familiar to us a marbles, but smaller, industrially produced glass spheres like this are known as Ballotini, from the Italian for small balls. Their main applications include reflective filler for road-marking paint, shot blasting, and metal polishing. However, they can be engineered into perfectly regular spheres, and can be used as spacers in adhesives, to ensure a perfectly uniform thickness of bond, or special bearings for oil drilling mechanics.

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