Polyurethane Foam (Foam-iT! 15)

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Polyurethane Foam (Foam-iT! 15)
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This polymer has the visual qualities of cinder toffee, but with none of its fragility. The finished product is incredibly lightweight, and can be dyed and textured to take on the appearance of things as varied as cake and taxidermied alligators. Its 'claim to fame' is that it's been used to make props for the picnic scene in Oklahoma and for large architectural set pieces, including a Papal balcony, for The Pink Panther 2 film. Regardless of the end-product or even type of polyurethane you are using, the way in which you use polyurethane resins is always the same: the raw materials come in two parts, a liquid isocyanate (a very reactive chemical derived from petroleum) and a polyol (a long-chain alcohol), which are mixed to a specified ratio to create a reacting liquid, which is then poured into a mould or onto a surface and left until it cures to form a solid object. This is a foaming polyurethane, so when its composite parts are mixed a chemical reaction ensues, which produces carbon dioxide-filled bubbles and causes the material to foam to four times its original size.

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