Fluorescent Paintballs

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Fluorescent Paintballs
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Paintballs were originally invented in the United States as a way of marking trees for logging and cattle for slaughter, and were made out of glass and inedible oil-based paint. They are now made using a much softer gelatin capsule, made in the same way as bath pearls and cod liver oil capsules, and are filled with a non-toxic, water-soluble substance - normally polyethylene glycol, an edible polymer with an unpleasant taste and laxative effects. These neon yellow paint balls are also filled with a visible fluorescent dye, so whilst they are already pretty vibrant in natural light, they’ll glow even more luridly under UV light.

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Liquid | Solid | Object
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Angela Palmer
Composite | Polymer
Ball | Dye | Fluorescent | Gelatin | Laxative | Neon | Non-toxic | Paint | Polymer | Spherical | Ultraviolet | Yellow

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