Fluorescent Makeup

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Fluorescent Makeup
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This particular sample is a vaguely sinister-looking, yellowish, milky translucent gel, with a wobbly, snotty texture. It is invisible under white light, but glows a particular colour - depending on the pigment used - under an ultraviolet, or black light. The long-wave UV radiation is absorbed by sensitive pigments in the make-up, which in return appear to glow brilliantly in the dark. More accurately, the electrons orbiting the atoms are excited by the energy frequency of the UV light, and then as they relax they emit photons of visible light.

Traditionally this makeup would need to be painted or sponged onto the face or body. Fluorescent paint might be worn by people as part of Halloween costumes, for its shocking acid colours and the supernatural-looking light emission. It might also be worn by clubbers in various futuristic or science fiction influenced electronic music scenes, like PsyTrance, Cybergoth, New Rave and by NY ClubKids, as venues often feature UV lights and fluorescent decor.

Sample ID: 401


Fluorescent | Gel | Luminous | Make-up | Ultra-violet

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