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Diamond is the hardest bulk material found on earth, and is treasured for its aesthetic beauty. These two qualities lead diamond to live a double life: one getting down and dirty as a powerful industrial tool for cutting and grinding, and the other living the high life adorning treasured rings, necklaces and earrings around the world. Diamond is pure carbon. The carbon atoms are arranged in regular crystal lattice, where each atom is strongly bound to four other carbon atoms. This structure is the root of carbon’s strength. Most natural diamonds are formed in the depths of the earth’s mantle nearly 200 kilometres below the surface where pressure and temperature is extremely high. The diamonds are shuttled near to the earth’s surface by deep volcanic eruptions and become embedded in rocks formed from cooling magma. These rocks are then mined by man in order to recover the precious contents. Diamonds can also be made synthetically in laboratories where they can simulate the high temperature and pressure found in the earth’s mantle. Many naturally occurring diamonds contain impurities that cause them to fluoresce under UV light.

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