Copper Powder

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Copper Powder
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Copper powder is a shiny orange-red metallic powder used mainly in cold casting techniques. By mixing finely-ground copper powder with a liquid bonding agent (such as polyester or polyurethane resin) it is possible to create a paste that can be moulded and hardened to create composite castings that mimic pure metal ones without the need for a hot foundry. Copper is a very ductile and malleable metal and it is widely used because of its thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is used in electrical wires and also in combination with other metals to form different alloys (ie. in combination with tin to give bronze). When exposed to air, the outer copper layer slowly oxidises to a black copper oxide. Depending on the conditions it can also form copper carbonate, which is the green colour associated with a patinated copper roof or copper cladding.

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Alloy | Casting | Coins | Cold-casting | Conductivity | Ductile | Malleable | Orange | Oxidise | Powder | Red | Roof | Shiny

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