Bronze Bell

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Bronze Bell
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This bell is made from bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, and was used by Air Raid Protection (ARP) wardens during World War II to signal an imminent air raid. Each area of England had a number of designated wardens who would walk the street ringing these bells to warn residents to seek cover in bomb shelters. The bells were cast and produced in quantity with the initials A.P.R. on the side of each. When rung, this bell produces a clear, resonant sound at a pitch of 1034 Hz, which is very close to a 6th octave C. It does not take much force to produce an extremely loud and strong sound from this bell. The specific type of bronze used to make this object is called Bell Metal and can be found in churches across the UK and beyond. Prized for its tonal stability and power, bronze is a great material for making bells.

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78%% Cu | 22%% Sn
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