Brass Sphere

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Brass Sphere
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This gold-coloured metal ball has been industrially formed and polished to a perfect sphere. Brass is highly conductive and resistant to corrosion by water and fuels, so these brass balls are often used as bearings for the smooth running of engines and moving parts in electrical machines. Brass is also non-ferrous, so won’t build up any magnetic charge. Because the metal is soft, it’s less likely to strike sparks, so can be used in fittings and machinery around flammable liquids and explosive gases.

Copper alloys are also biocidal and researchers have looked at the use of brass components in high-touch, public spaces such as hospitals to prevent the spread of infections.

Saying that someone has ‘Brass Balls’ is usually a euphemism for a person who drives a hard bargain, or refuses to budge on price. This probably relates to the three golden balls that pawnbrokers traditionally hang outside their shop.

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Alloy | Anti-microbial | Antibacterial | Brass | Conductive | Copper | Zinc

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