Artificial Snow

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Artificial Snow
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Artificial snow is made of a polyacrylate polymer, such as sodium polyacrylate, which is shredded to produce flakes of a similar size and colour to real snow. Sodium polyacrylate is a superabsorbent polymer, also known as a hydrogel, and can absorb up to 800 times its own weight in water. This characteristic helps the material to recreate the feeling of cold, wet snow, and can be cooled or frozen to make the effect even more realistic. 

The molecular structure of the gel is made up of long polymer molecules shaped like chains, which are linked together into a network in a so-called cross-linking reaction. This network structure contains a lot of empty space where water molecules can sit, and its flexibility allows the material to swell in order to accommodate even more water molecules.

Fake snow is safe and non-toxic and can be used for decorations, window dressing and for stage performances, usually in combination with fans, to give a controlled snowfall. Superabsorbent polymers like this have other uses too, primarily as personal hygiene products such as disposable diapers, adult incontinence pads and sanitary towels, as well as soil treatments, flood control and fire-retardant gels. 

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