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These small transparent beads are made of acrylic, one of the most common polymers used in the manufacturing of plastic. Polymers are made by chemically assembling a large number of smaller identical subunits (monomers) to give long chains of molecules that constitute the final material. Depending on the type of monomer used, materials with different properties can be obtained. In the case of methylmethacrylate, the monomer of acrylic, the resulting material is a transparent solid (PlexiglassTM) which is often used as an alternative to glass. Acrylate is much more shatter-resistant and cheaper than glass and it can also be easily cut, glued and polished using organic solvents, making it very easy to handle. Given its low glass transition temperature it is also very easy to use for casting. Acrylic objects, like furniture and chairs, are very common while some modern musical instruments use this material to make parts of their body. Another property of this polymer is the compatibility with human tissues that make this material ideal for medical or dental implants and also for cosmetic surgery.

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