Traffic Light System

 We operate a traffic light system in the workshop, each tools is classified as green, amber or red. These classifications have to do with the training required to use them safely and effectively.

- Red tools are classified as technician only. Please speak with a technician if you want a job done on a red tool. 

- Amber tools require a specific induction which is bookable either through our website or individually with a member of staff. 

- Green tools are general use tools that have been covered in your new members induction or are deemed safe for use with an informal induction. Please ask a member of staff before using any green tools you have not used before or would like a refresher.


For more information about many of our tools and equipment please use the menu to the left. 
A complete list of power tools can be downloaded by using the "Download tool training induction " button on the top right of the page.
We do also have other tools and equipment specific to certain processes or tasks, so please ask a member of staff if you are looking for something specific that is not listed.