1 – A quick description:

The universal VLS 2.30 and VLS 4.60 are both C02 laser cutters. C02 laser cutters can engrave on or cut through materials using a laser beam and are highly precise and quick.
These laser cutters are easy to use thanks to their simple computer interface, which works like a printer interface and includes a materials database.


2 – What can I use this tool for?

Cutting and scoring 2D shapes in a variety of materials.
Engraving text and images onto the surface of a material.

Examples of projects that you can use the laser cutter for include:
Cutting out acrylic or wooden parts for assemblies; cutting out boxes to encase hardware such as electronics in; scoring pieces or card or paper for production of architectural models; cutting out patterns from fabric; or engraving decorative patterns, text or photos into a wide variety of materials.


3 – Materials used with this tool:

Acrylic, laser grade plywood, wood, paper, textiles, leather, rubber and many more.
Always check with a technician before using a new material in the laser cutter.
Some materials such as PVC or ABS plastics create toxic fumes and cannot be used in the laser cutter.
Certain materials will ignite in the laser cutter and will either need special settings or cannot be used at all.


4 – What training do I need to use this tool?

To use our laser cutters, you will need to book and attend the Laser Cutter Tool Training session. Laser cutter training sessions runs weekly usually on Wednesday mornings.
When you have completed the tool training session you will be able to book a 1-hour slot on the large laser cutter (VLS4.60) through your member profile on our website.
The small laser cutter (VLS 2.30) is not bookable and can be used at any time on a first-come-first-served basis.


5 – Technical specifications

VLS 2.30:

  • Laser power: .......... 30 watts
  • Bed size: ................. 476 x 370 x 102 mm


VLS 4.60:

  • Laser power: .......... 60 watts
  • Bed size: ................. 610 x 457 x 229 mm


Input File Format:
Vector based drawing files such as an Illustrator file (.ai) CorelDRAW (.cdr) or a Digital Exchange Format file from eg AutoCAD (.dxf, .dwg, .eps).
We can also help you create a file from a .pdf or .jpg.

Illustrator templates

Here are the Illustrator templates for the: Small Laser Cutter (VLS 2.30) and Large Laser Cutter (VLS 4.60).