UCL Repair Cafe @MechSpace, 44 Wicklow Street

UCL Repair Cafe @MechSpace, 44 Wicklow Street UCL Repair Cafe @MechSpace, 44 Wicklow Street UCL Repair Cafe @MechSpace, 44 Wicklow Street

Friday 10 November 2023 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Registration required. Register today via the link below

Please register here to attend our Repair Cafe

Bring in your electronic devices, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, neglected house plans and more to learn repair skills with expert fixers  from the Institute of Making and the wider UCL community. You’ll see how an object is mended, get involved in the repair process and be advised on the steps needed to bring back your valued item to full working order with support from the UCL Repair Cafe volunteers. With a bit of help, you will become empowered to fix your own device, while learning the basics of repair and the importance of the Right to Repair. Come ready to learn!

Everyone is welcome to this free event, even if you haven't got something to repair you can come and see how it could be done, ask repair-based questions or even get stuck into a crafty activity. The UCL Repair Cafe triages a wide array of items for repair, advice and guidance to getting your treasured item good as new - sometimes arguably better!

You can drop into the Repair Cafe between 12pm and 3pm (last entry 2:45pm) by reserving a general entry ticket.

The event will feature the following activities, most of which are drop-in, but some of which require advance booking:

Textiles and Clothing

Have you got holes in your jumper, rips in your jeans, broken bags or trashed trainers? Drop-in on the team from UCL's Institute of Making for an in-person guide to fixing textiles. We will provide materials, thread, needles and pins in order for you to patch, sew or darn new life into your beloved clothes, accessories, trainers or other textile items. (Drop in)

Plant Care & Repair

Our green fingered plant experts will help with your house plant problems, if you're just getting started with caring for plants, or in need of specific help to repair, take cuttings, propagate, re-pot, bonsai, etc. (Drop in)

Electronics Repair (advance booking required)

Bring in your electronic device in need of fixing - from smartphones and laptops or small household appliances like toasters and lamps - for a one-to-one consultation with the repair experts from The Restart Project. (Booking a slot is required. Limited availability)

Bike Repair and servicing  (advance booking required)

"Two wheels good!" The team from Dr Bike will be joining us to offer light servicing, simple repairs and advice of getting your bicycle running smoothly again. (Booking a slot is required. Limited availability)

General repair

The technicians from the UCL MechSpace are ready to tinker on any number of objects, including small pieces of furniture, spectacles, umbrellas... you name it, they'll take it! Using their exciting Engineering machinery and extensive problem-solving skills, your item will be in safe hands. (Drop in)

Decorative Kintsugi-Cansugi (Gilded Repairs)

Do you have a broken but beloved objects lying around? Beautify and celebrate the tears and breaks of your items by gilding them with the support of artists from the UCL Slade School of Fine Art and heritage conservators from the UCL Institute of Archaeology. Learn about the age-old technique of applying gold (or gold-like) materials onto wood, metal, glass, and ceramic and mend your piece with dazzling results. (Drop in)

Clothes Swap Rail

Are you in search of a new outfit that doesn’t cost the world? We will have a handy clothes swap rail for you to browse through during our Repair Cafe event! Bring in your old clothes for donation to the rail and in return, you can take home an item to refresh your wardrobe and tackle the impact of fast fashion. (Drop in)

Jewellery Repair

Do you have broken jewellery waiting for a fix? Our Repair Café will tackle it! Although you might think otherwise, many jewellery repairs are easy to do — be it cleaning a discolored chain, re-glueing a dislodged stone, replacing a broken clasp or fixing a broken string or wire. Bring along your necklaces, bracelets and earrings are more, as there’s a good chance that we can teach you how to repair them. (Drop in)

About us: The Repair Cafe is an inter-departmental community event, sustained by expert volunteers from the UCL Conservation, Institute of Making, UCL Engagement, The Slade School of Fine Art, Mechanical Engineering Researchers Society, and Sustainable UCL. 

Do you have specific access requirements? We would like to make sure that everyone can join our in-person events and use our website as easily as possible. Please message us if you need any particular support or assistance while using our space or online platforms, so we can ensure those. We are also always interested in feedback to help us improve access to our activities. Contact Sara on events@instituteofmaking.org.uk.

Pictures courtesy of The Institute of Making.

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