Repair Week: Introduction to Kintsugi

Repair Week: Introduction to Kintsugi Repair Week: Introduction to Kintsugi Repair Week: Introduction to Kintsugi

Friday 15 October 2021 2:30pm - 5:00pm

Booking opens at 8pm on Thursday 23rd September

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer often dusted with powdered metals such as gold, silver, brass or platinum. Kintsugi is a very popular practice in Japan and can be seen to have similarities to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect. Kintsugi usually takes a several months to repair a small area and decorate with gold. This workshop, led by Iku Nishikawa, is a beginners guide to Kintsugi, and will take only a day to repair a damaged area plus a week of drying. Iku uses a few shortcuts to allow beginners to create a finished project.

Please bring a plate or bowl with a simple break that you would like to repair, and a plastic or cardboard box with a lid that can hold the object while it sets for a week. Iku is happy to safely break your ceramic object if you have a specific item that you would like to try out. 

Anything cup-shaped, or plates or bowls that are broken in many different pieces will take too long to repair so are not suitable for this workshop. If you have a very special item that’s broken, bring this it along for Iku to advise on but do not use this for the masterclass itself. 

Please be aware that your plate or bowl will not be completed by 2pm and you will need to take it home and finish the last steps of the making process one week later.

No experience or skill necessary, all welcome!

To take part in the session you will need:
- a broken ceramic object with a maximum break size of 10cm (no mugs)
- a plastic or cardboard box with a lid, large enough to comfortably store your ceramic object whilst it dries

Iku is self-taught and has learned the craft through working alongside a Kintsugi master. In 2014, Iku helped to organise a series of Kinstugi events at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. After staying in touch with the master craftsman and owner of Urushi Maker from Kyoto, Japan, Iku began to learn the practice. The following year Iku was asked to assist with the delivery of Kinstugi workshops at the Pitt Rivers Museum for a Kintsugi master from Kyoto. Iku has not been to Kintsugi school, but continues to learn from a master.

Iku is running Kintsugi Oxford, providing Kinstugi repair services, materials and workshops. Find more information at


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Images courtesy of Iku Nishikawa and WikiCommons (Bowl, 19th century, CH1834521).

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