Public Online Workshop: Photographing Ceramics

Public Online Workshop: Photographing Ceramics Public Online Workshop: Photographing Ceramics Public Online Workshop: Photographing Ceramics

Friday 31 July 2020 10:00am - 12:00pm

Bookings open on Friday 17th July at 11am

Fully booked, join the waiting list here.

In this workshop, technician and potter Darren Ellis will show you how to simply but effectively photograph your ceramics from home. The first half of the workshop will look at fundamentals such as lighting, lenses, framing, staging and backgrounds, and different camera settings in direct relation to photographing pottery. In the second half of the workshop we will get hands on and start photographing our pieces, while Darren shows his own set up and equipment, and is on hand to instruct and advise on yours. 

Don't have a 'professional' camera at hand? No worries! We want you to bring whatever form of equipment you have to photograph your work with - whether that's a phone or a camera. This way you can get to grips with a new photography style using what you have at home; plenty of potters, makers and artists take beautiful and sophisticated pictures using basic tools.

To join in, participants will need:

- 1 or 2 pieces of your own ceramic or glass work to photograph (if you have a different type of work you can email us to check if it is suitable for joining the workshop with).
- A fairly plain background with natural light (for example, near a window), and a few props to style your pieces with.
- A camera or phone to take your photos with. (if using a smart phone as a camera, you can try downloading a 'DSLR' app if you want to play with aperture)
- A separate laptop or phone to join the online workshop video call with.

Darren Ellis is an enthusiastic and creative potter who enjoys learning and sharing skills, from kiln building and layout to the molecular structure within clay and glaze material. This has had a profound influence his approach to throwing, as he is a specialist in the potter’s wheel, and his knowledge of traditional methods feeds into his technical problem-solving skills. Darren is trustee to the charity Clay College Stoke, set up in response to the many closures in ceramic departments throughout the education spectrum.

Images courtesy of Darren Ellis.

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