My Research Makespace: Building for Virtual Reality

My Research Makespace: Building for Virtual Reality

Tuesday 13 March 2018 6:00pm - 6:00pm

Members event, drop in, doors open at 5.45pm

Our new informal research event series for members. Each evening will feature a UCL Researcher and how they navigate the Makespace to develop their academic work. 

This month features Janneke van Leeuwen, artist and neuropsychologist. She is currently working on her PhD research within the Created Out of Mind Hub residency at the Wellcome Collection, which aims to challenge perceptions of dementia through scientific and creative experimentation. The project is lead by the Dementia Research Centre at the UCL Institute of Neurology. 

This evening Janneke van Leeuwen will present the 'Colour Rooms' VR installation she made at the Institute of Making. The installation is a public adaptation of one of her lab-based eye tracking experiments, which aims to study the impact different forms of dementia might have on how colours in varying spatial contexts make us feel. Janneke will discuss the various ways in which the creative arts are driving her scientific research and how the Institute of Making is facilitating this interdisciplinary approach.

If you are interested in presenting your making for research at one of our evenings, please email

Image courtesy of Janneke van Leeuwen, 'Colour Rooms VR Installation'.

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