Member Masterclass: Altering Currency

Member Masterclass: Altering Currency Member Masterclass: Altering Currency

Monday 20 November 2017 2:00pm - 4:30pm

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The production of banknotes involves various artistic processes from the making of paper to the use of intaglio and letterpress. Many contemporary artists use these and other techniques to modify banknotes as a means to make a statement about various political and social concerns such as the state of the economy or the representation of women. 

Artist David Blackmore will take us through three different making processes that form part of his creative practice in altering currency; linoleum cutting and printing, stamps and stamping and metal punch engraving.

David is a joint recipient of Pete Lloyd Lewis studio award at the Chisenhale Studios, exploring how and why to engage in the modification of banknotes. This event was previously held at UCL in collaboration with the UCL Art Museum.

Photographs: Dilantha Dissanayake

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