Member Masterclass: Glazing Ceramics

Member Masterclass: Glazing Ceramics Member Masterclass: Glazing Ceramics

Wednesday 19 July 2017 10:00am - 12:30pm

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A glaze: the aesthetic crowning glory of a well-made ceramic piece; a practical coating both impervious and protective; an exquisitely precise recipe of mineral ingredients suspended but not dissolved in water. Glazes provide a myriad of textural properties; crackling, watery, gritty, crystalline, opaque, silky, liquid and matt, to name a few. They can make or break a piece of pottery and the results will vary each and every time depending on application method, firing, and combination with each other. 

This hands-on Masterclass, led by our technician and acclaimed potter Darren Ellis, will show you how to mix glazes, how to use different application techniques and how to tidy a piece once glazed. At the start of the workshop Darren will introduce you to common glaze ingredients alongside their function.

The masterclass is designed for members who have a basic knowledge of making ceramics, who are looking to learn more about finishing their pieces through glazing.

Darren's Instagram : @darrenellispottery

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