Member Event: Animatronics

Member Event: Animatronics Member Event: Animatronics

Wednesday 29 May 2013 11:58am - 12:54pm

Institute of Making

Institute of Making

Independent animatronics consultant Matthew Walker leads this afternoon masterclass. He is the inventor of Inkha, the robotic receptionist at Kings' College London.

“In this masterclass we're going to build an animatronic copy of your eye. We'll start by showing you how to make a mould of your eye and use this to cast a latex copy of your eyelid. Next we'll each construct a mechanism to mount a doll's eyeball so that it can move from side to side then we'll stick the eyelids over them. You'll be able to take your eye away with you.”

The eye mechanism will be suitable for attaching to servo motors and an Arduino board at a later date if you want to automate the movement of your eye

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