Maker in Residence – Helen Carnac, Enamel

Maker in Residence – Helen Carnac, Enamel Maker in Residence – Helen Carnac, Enamel

Tuesday 26 November 2019 10:00am - 5:00pm

From Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th November

Metalworker and artist Helen Carnac will be using the Institute of Making as her studio and creating thoughtful and rhythmic enamel pieces, as well as experimental works in metal and other materials as part of a number of installations that she will be developing on UCL campus.

Members can drop in throughout the week to see how Helen is getting on, watch her paint, sprinkle, mark and fire enamel pieces and to harness the opportunity to try out tools, techniques and materials themselves.

Helen is an internationally acclaimed enameller who trained as a silversmith and works with vitreous enamel on steel; the type of enamel used for domestic ‘white wear’ including baths, sinks, pots and pans. Her collections of vessels crafted from vitreous enamel have built her reputation as a respected maker, but Helen has also established herself as a writer, curator, teacher, speaker and collaborator. Helen says about her enamelled pieces: "Repetition of mark is key and enables me to focus. My primary aim is to draw with the material leaning towards techniques such as sgraffito. Firing for the most part only once, areas of the panels are ground and abraded to a matt finish in places, allowing the steel substrate to oxidise naturally, creating new relationships with the enamel; a crossing point between control and chance."

Helen will be creating an in-depth enamelling and material workshop for four days with the Institute of Making, so pop in and be amazed at what is possible with this material. As part of the enamelling process you can: find out how to use the Makespace enamel kiln; discover the instant gratification of firing vitreous porcelain on copper; and consider the nature of mark making - all using Helen's unique and extensively researched knowledge and an array of powders, pigments, stencils and tools.

You can also speak to Helen about her longer six month residency with UCL Culture. For this project Helen is considering the nature of public art and creating temporary pieces in response to the UCL Campus, so as well as seeing Helen in the Makespace, you can visit a number of sites at UCL where she has installed her work.

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