Intelligent Trouble

Intelligent Trouble

Wednesday 09 November 2011 10:00am - 6:00pm

Strand campus

South staircase, King's Building

Ongoing throughout the festival from 10am to 6pm

Using the staircase at the river-end of the main axis of the Strand campus as site and inspiration, the artist-led collective Intelligent Trouble will draw on rope-making as a way of working with spaces, materials, processes and people. The staircase moves through the vertical height of the whole building and will be used as a vast studio space. The artists will respond to the space, working over the course of the week to make a constantly evolving and growing intervention.  Intelligent Trouble are a London-based collective of makers and artists, one of the founder-members is a PhD student in the humanities department at KCL.

Part of The Festival of Materials & Making - Kings College London  

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Intelligent Trouble