Big Make: Circuitry

Big Make: Circuitry Big Make: Circuitry Big Make: Circuitry

Wednesday 20 February 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Drop in - join in anytime between 1-4pm

For most of us circuitry is something hidden from sight, tucked away in our walls or hidden inside plastic casing. But in February's Big Make you will be sculpting 'air circuits', using the circuit's physical form as well as it's function to connect electronic components. With the materials provided there will be little limit to what you can build; from blinking Eiffel towers, to buzzing insects or glowing buckyball pendants.

Our 'Big Make' sessions are open to all members and teach skills from our specialist masterclasses in a more casual drop-in setting during Makespace opening hours. In this Big Make session engineer and member Jakub Zalesak will explore circuitry through 'aircircuits' and teach common circuit building techniques. Using hand outs and practical teaching as and when required, members can join the Big Make table whenever they want to and build circuits for as long as they would like to, using materials provided and selected by Jakub. If you use spectacles to see up close, don't forget them for this drop-in!

A physics student, Jakub Zalesak come from a family of makers and currently run workshops for the UCL division of Engineers Without Borders. He became enchanted by electronics while repairing a set of headphones at 13 and has carried a love for electronics with him ever since, right through to now working on sweep generators for Antarctic radars. Jakub loves breaking complex things down and assembling them differently, and believes that hardware shoud be open-source.

Image credits: Jakub Zalesak.

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