Materials Up Close & Personal - a New Materials Library Series

15 April 2020

Materials Up Close & Personal - a New Materials Library Series

We are excited to announce a new series of Materials Library profiles. Over the next few months our Materials Librarian Sarah Wilkes will be paying homage to those silent and humble materials that we surround ourselves with daily, but that often we don’t even notice. 

At a time when staying at home has made our worlds significantly smaller, join us on a journey into the expansive inner lives and backstories of the surfaces, substances and stuff that we lay our hands on every day. 

Every week or so, we will be exploring the joy and beauty in the details of the things around us, and sharing it with our community through our blog and social media.

We would love you to join in too! Send us a picture of one of your favourite household substances with a few words about what you’ve noticed after spending some time getting to know your material cohabitants. A collection of these little gems will go up on our website soon.

We also hope to put out some Materials Library making tutorials, on how to create your own tools and examining equipment, to further help you to explore the fabric of your own home up close.