Darwin (or) Bust

28 November 2013

Darwin (or) Bust

The new Darwin is here! Inigo, Emmanuel and the team at the Bartlett’s CAD CAM Workshops have been machining him from resin tooling board, using LaToyah, their 8 axis robotic system. Our members can mould this replica to make their own Darwins, or start directly from the data from the original laser scan.

The Darwin Challenge has been laid down, our members can receate Darwin in any way they like, and the winner will be announce on 13 Feb. The reimagined Darwins will be displayed in a dual-location exhibition Darwin (or) Bust, opening on 12 Feb, Darwin's Birthday, mingled among skeletons, skulls and jars in the Grant Museum and in the windows of his former home, the Darwin Building, Gower Street.

Read a great article by the Grant Museum: http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/museums/2013/11/27/the-great-darwin-bust-up/


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Inigo and his Darwin



Darwin on the move



Darwin in Progress