Making Repairs: Mending, Renovating, Regulating, Bodging, Hacking, Tinkering

15 January 2014

Making Repairs: Mending, Renovating, Regulating, Bodging, Hacking, Tinkering

Monday 17th Feb 2014
11am – 5pm

Are you a UCL researcher interested in materials, technologies and cultures of repair?
This informal research workshop brings together researchers from multiple disciplines to discuss the materials, technologies and cultural imperatives that make repairing and maintaining the made world possible.

We have some spaces left for both attendees and speakers. If you’d like to be involved, send expressions of interest to research[at] with your name, department and a brief description of research interests.

More formal proposals for 10-15 minute presentations are also welcomed on these themes:

- Self-healing materials, novel materials and processes for mending the made world.
- Inventive historical ‘hacks’.
- The aesthetics of repair and cultural factors influencing maintenance and reuse.
- Conservation, mending and memory-work.
- Materials for regenerative medicine and rehabilitation.
- Materials and technologies for environmental restoration.
- Repair and regeneration in the built environment, engineering for disaster resilience.

Demonstrations, object-centred presentations and other non-standard formats are encouraged. 

If you'd like to present, please send your name, department, proposed title and an abstract of 100 - 300 words to research[at] by the 27th Jan.