The Darwin Making Challenge

27 September 2013

The Darwin Making Challenge

The plaster bust of Charles Darwin’s head from UCL's Grant Museum has been digitally 3D scanned ­– transmutated from plaster into data. What could YOU do with it? 

We have laid down a making challenge. Using only the data from this scan, Institute of Making members are invited to get creative, get technical, get messy and get involved with reimagining the man. Will you mould him from jelly? Cast a hologram? Mill him from wood?

Together with the Department of Structural and Molecular Biology, the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, and the Grant Museum, we invite you to apply, get making, and see your interpretation displayed in the windows of UCL's Darwin building. 

There are cash prizes of up to £300 donated by the Faculty of Life Sciences for the winning Darwin, and we'll display as many entries as we can.

Email with your initial idea, and we'll hand over the data file - or come in and talk to us about what you'd like to do.

Deadline for finished Darwins: 17 January 2014

At UCL? Become a Member and apply!

3D scan by Mona Hess, UCL Museums.